Gardenside Christian Church

I love being the Lead Minister at Gardenside Christian Church. Gardenside has a vision to “Passionately Prepare All People For An Eternity With Christ.” What does that mean? What does that look like in action? Well, it means we strive to please God by serving others, building relationships, offering inspiring worship times, and sharing God’s Word. We believe that when people are looking to connect within the Church they not only want to connect with God, but also with other people. My philosophy of ministry will always be…”People are more important than programs and things and kids are people too!!!” Yes we have a passion for lost people…but we also have a passion to help each individual who has made a committment to follow Christ to grow…to mature in their faith. For both those things to happen the Holy Spirit must be at work. God’s Word must be central to our study…and the worship of God must be genuine. The reality of Gardenside Christian Church being the body of Christ won’t happen within the church building walls…it will happen as we invade our community and world with a love so strong it cannot be denied.


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