Reefer Madness

Marihuana joint

Hey All,

I’ve been know to approach subjects that I know very little about. I try to do the appropriate research so I don’t sound too much like an idiot. I accomplish this with varying degrees of success.

Any yet when it comes to the issue of Marijuana…I have a PHD in THC…starting at the age of 12 with my first joint with my best friend underneath a bridge…(ironically, about 100 yards down the street from the church where I now serve) to when I was 17, three months shy of my 18th birthday…

So, here’s something I’d share…marijuana isn’t physically addictive, like Oxy or Vicodin, or heroin or any other narcotic. It won’t leave you with the DT’s like an alcoholic experiences when he or she tries to go cold turkey. And if you asked me whether I think a “pothead” is more dangerous than a drunk…In my opinion I’d have to say, “NO.” Overall the effects of pot leave you more introspective and calm than many who get “jacked” up on Jack Daniels. I’ve seen, and ministered to many more wrecks, spousal abuse cases and broken relationships because of alcohol, than because of marijuana. Some of this has to do with it being a “legal” drug and marijuana being a secrete, hidden drug, but alcohol changes different personalities in very different ways….marijuana seems to “mellow” most people. I’m not writing this to argue or compare the damages of one drug verses another….nor is this about pot being a “gateway” drug. Whatever that might be….because I’ve seen lots of gates that lead to horrible places.

This isn’t even about the fact that marijuana is the number one cash crop in the State of Kentucky…or the fact that if you legalized marijuana many of the nefarious characters and drug Lords would loose power, and financially, as it’s taxed….The united States becomes flush with a new income. By the way I’ll say publicly that you cannot make people choose the best things….no law can make people be good, upright, compassionate or loving. Laws are fences built to protect those who do not break them. And if marijuana is proven to help cancer patients, MS sufferers, those who deal with epilepsy or seizures…then I believe it’s as useful as any other prescribed drug. But since this is my blog…and I’m not sure how many read it anyway 🙂 Here’s my PHD in THC

It’s that I believe certain things will destroy your life, your health, and your relationships…I know this by experience. I’m a pedal to the metal kind of guy….a person of extremes. When I do something, I do it “All In.” And for six years of my life I delved into the “rebel” culture of pot usage. And that’s what it is, a “rebel” culture….illegal…or even now still somewhat forbidden. So for teenagers and millennials it’s a let’s break the law a little and smile about it drug. It’s a culture creating and culture sustaining drug. Friends that get high together…share something….relaxing, cool, secrete. But the Dragon behind that “cool” foreground is the fact that for some of us….(and the danger is we don’t know who before hand)… is it becomes our Master and we become it’s slave. True, it can happen with “materialism”, “booze” and “prescription” drugs….even some unhealthy relationships…..but marijuana is currently being presented as the “cute” dragon….the “safe” little monster….for me and many of my friends it was much much more…’s flames burned away any desire to go forward….it provided a safe, munchy filled stopping place to listen to “hotel California” or “Boston.” And six years later I’d dropped out of High School and was washing dishes at the Campbell House. That is, when I had enough incentive to crawl out of the basement and go to work. If I wasn’t high I was thinking about getting high and figuring out how I could afford it, do it, and who with….it occupied my soul…It held me in it’s grasp….and it would not let me go. So, tell me all the good things about marijuana and what it does and I’ll tell you that I’ve never ever met someone who says….“My life’s better for getting high….my family and kids are stronger and I make others better while I smell like burnt rope….it’s the most awesome motivator I’ve ever experienced.”

I’ll gently step off my “soapbox” now….knowing that real morality can never be legislated, and that the “libertarian” part of my being thinks….”The government dictates way too much of our lives and choices now anyway.” But it just seems to me that we’ve begun to call evil good and good evil…and one of the most evil experiences I’ve had in my life…one that I only escaped because a loving Savior came looking for me in a smokey haze is being not only “legalized” but presented as a “Starbucks Coffee Break,” It’s not!!!! and I needed to share what I thought about this “Reefer Madness.” Thank you Lord for being the calm in my storm….thank you Lord for being the foundation of my home…..thank you for letting me love you with clarity of mind and heart….thank you for slaying the dragon.

Always His,

Rick Burdette


3 thoughts on “Reefer Madness

  1. Stephanie Nicholson says:

    Will be making sure my son Thomas at least reads this. Thanks

  2. Lois Constant says:

    Thanks for sharing, truth sets us free and confession is good for the soul. Our lessons in life are to be shared as help for those who would desire to do better. Sin an self destruction is overtaking this world today an claiming the life of our young people. So good to hear you speaking out against it. God bless you.


  3. Becky Hatton says:

    Fantastic, friend!

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