Thank you Mrs. Anderson

Thank you Mrs. Anderson

Greetings in the Lord,

One of my favorite teachers of all time was named Mrs. Anderson. She was my second grade teacher at James Lane Allen Elementary School in Lexington Kentucky. She was one of my favorite teachers because she made me feel smart. (And for me that was an amazing accomplishment). Mrs. Anderson had a way of making learning fun. She would use spelling bees to teach us how to spell (I still remember getting close to the end and dealing with the dreaded word scissors, or is it sciscors, or possibly sccissors) O well, you probably can understand why I never won one of those spelling bees. But Mrs. Anderson had a way of making me want to pay attention and learn.

Maybe that’s why I’m so grateful for our amazing teachers here at Gardenside Christian Church. We are continually being blessed with new families that have taken the biblical mandate…”be fruitful and multiply,” seriously. And we have a responsibility within God’s Church to “train up these children in the Lord so that when they get old they will not depart from His ways.” I love to watch the genuine hunger children have for the truth of God’s Word, and I love to see our teachers feed that genuine hunger to learn with new and exciting meals from the Bread of Life. I am going to go on record right now expressing my deepest appreciation for each and every worker in our children’s Department from the nursery on up. And I’d encourage all those who desire to shape little lives for eternity to become a part of this amazing ministry. How many spiritual Mrs. Anderson’s do we have in our midst? Especially as we have Vacation Bible School approaching June 9-13.

However, it’s important that we never stop “hungering and thirsting for righteousness.” Each of us need to keep that childlike heart in regards to learning God’s Word. And each of us who have the privilege to teach God’s Word need to dig deep, and as one great Professor of mine at Johnson said, “None of us have the right to bore anyone with the gospel.” Our staff is meeting today to plan for the most effective discipleship classes in the fall and also for leadership development and as we dig deeper into this calling I can’t wait to see what God will do in our midst through Study, Sharing life, and Serving. Make this a time where you commit to a deeper level of discipleship, and if you have a desire to teach…that’s a very good thing, but desire must be linked to preparation and commitment…”you cannot teach what you do not know and you cannot lead where you will not go.” And during this next year there will be many opportunities to sharpen the ax before you attempt to chop down the tree. God bless you all and Mrs. Anderson….THANK YOU!!!!!

Still a student,

Rick Burdette


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