Greetings in the Lord,

When I think about Moses in the Old Testament I can’t help but get the mental image of Charlton Heston with that long flowing white beard, the robe and staff in his hand, fiery eyes and shouting to Pharaoh…’LET MY PEOPLE GO!” I have no idea if Moses really looked like Charlton Heston in the movie “The Ten Commandments,” or not, but I like the image.

Moses started life just like any other Israelite baby of his time, but the little boy babies of his time had a rough start. Pharaoh Had determined to put to death any new born male child, and little baby Moses would be no exception. His Mother tried to hide him, but with three grand babies of my own I can only imagine how difficult a prospect that must have been…babies are not always quiet when you want them to be, nor do they obey instantly when you want them to do something. So when it got almost impossible to hide the child Moses’s Mother put him in a little boat made out of bullrushes, covered it with waterproof tar and pitch and set him afloat on the Nile River with Marian, his sister following at a safe distance. God’s providence and plan put him safe in the arms of Pharaoh’s daughter, and even allowed for his Mother to serve as his nurse maid. Is God awesome or what? He was raised in a palace, with all the privileges that went with being the son of royalty, but he would forsake those privileges. He would kill another man to protect a follow Israelite being beaten and have to flee to the desert. For years he would shepherd his father-in-laws flock in the desert until one day he would meet God on the Mountain.

That day must have been embedded in his brain. A bush burning on the side of the Mountain, but not being consumed. The booming voice of God proclaiming…”Moses, take off your sandals, because the ground on which you stand is Holy.” That day on the Mountain God would call Moses to service. God would send Moses to Pharaoh as His messenger so His people could be free from slavery. And Moses asked an important question…”God, when the people ask me who has sent me how do I respond? Who do I tell them has sent me?” And God answered. “You tell them “I AM” sent you.” Not “I Was,” or “I Will Be,” but, “I AM.”

“I AM.” focuses on the fact that God is the God of right now. God’s name has not changed and neither has His power to rescue us from slavery of sin.. He has chosen to do that through His son, Jesus Christ and He constantly claimed to be God by using this very personal name to introduce His ministry and mission…”I Am the bread of life,” “I Am The Vine,” “I Am The resurrection and the Life.” Jesus knew exactly what He was doing when He used this powerful name to introduce who He is, and it was one of the main reasons His enemies sought to Kill Him. Jesus is still the God of right now! He is still the God who rescues and delivers us from slavery. He is still “I AM!”

Taking off my sandals,



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