It’s just a garden

Hey Everybody,

I had fairly major surgery this past week….at least it was Major because it was on me!!!!! What made the total hip replacement a little more interesting was the fact I’d had a heart attack at 34 and then a couple of years ago I re injured my knee and had to have surgery, but they did a stress test, which I failed and then a heart cath., which showed my three major arteries were so blocked they were almost severed. Three stints later…good to go. So, with this history, hip replacement takes on a new excitement for the Doctor.

Well, a week after surgery I’m doing well and trying to behave….with different levels of success. As I went through this surgery Kari told me after they gave me the second shot of vercede I got emotional and told her “if I died I wanted her to know how much I loved her and how thankful and grateful I was to share life with her.” I don’t remember any of this, but she left crying….after everyone else in the room left crying. Job Done!!!!

I’m not afraid of death….in fact worn out hips, burying my Dad and other special people in my life who were believers causes me to yearn for an eternal body and an eternal home, even more. 1 Corinthians 15 records our hope as the resurrection chapter in the New Testament…It’s pretty cool reading, at least for believers…..

But on my way to surgery this big truck rushed pasted us on our right,,,,the shadow cast over us and it got my attention….it scared me. It was then I remembered David writing in the 23rd Psalm,

  • “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.” Thinking about this verse I wrote this post on my Facebook account:
  • “Death is just a shadow to believers, not the reality. We are not run over by the truck only it’s shadow because another was run over by the truck. I did not and could not pay for the wages of my sin. Jesus did. He hung on the cross. He was run over by the truck and it was one hell of a truck! But because of His death burial and resurrection. Because of His victory and my acceptance of it…death is just the shadow of the truck and on the other side of the shadow is the glorious welcoming face of my Savior. Though I see only dimly through a mirror while here. There I shall see the eternal reality of my glorious inheritance as I look up from the feet of Jesus. After worshipping Him and telling Him Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!”
  • I’ve got some stuff I’d like to do before my spirit goes to Jesus and my body goes in the ground like a seed. But, I know shadows can’t hurt me. Jesus is my reality, and I pray He is yours…and one day…every cemetery. where bodily seeds have been planted, will become a garden that produces fruit….Jesus is the first fruit because of His victory over sin and death, but every seed will rise to be reunited with spirit….some for eternal life and some for destruction.

    We groan here….because hips wear out, mates and friends die, we see our mortality…but through the Spirit of Jesus we walk as children of God….crying out Abba, Daddy….knowing we are heirs and co-heirs with Christ. Because of this….

  • “I consider the present sufferings I go through not even worth comparing to the glory which will be reveled in us.” Romans 8:18
  • In the body and absent…..but longing!

    Rick Burdette


    One thought on “Tombstone

    1. Lisa Hardin says:

      Wow! Thanks for a new perspective! Only shadows! And cemeteries gardens bearing fruit from the seeds! Praise God!

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