The “Beautiful ” House

The Dominican Republic 2013

Hey Everyone,

Sorry this blog is a little late, but this week your minister has seen every Doctor in Lexington in preparation for a bilateral hip replacement February 3rd. I’m not sure how I wore out both hips at the age of 53…possibly the time I spent in Cuba as an undercover C.I.A operative disguised as a Salsa dancer,,,who knows?

But like most of the United States this past week the average temperature in Lexington, Kentucky has hovered somewhere around -22…or at least it’s felt that way. So, my thoughts went back to last year at about this time. I was doing mission work in the Dominican Republic, and the average temperature was a balmy 77…and sunny. One of the works we did that week was to paint one of the local church leader’s home. It was a small concrete building…4 small rooms and a bathroom, built on a dirt road, among many similar houses. There was a creek at the end of the road were animals and people got their water and washed…(tip to visiting American missionaries…be ready for pubic nudity and don’t scream or point)

Here’s the part of the story that you will enjoy…hopefully. We spent about two days priming and painting this little house…the teenagers that were with me and our student minister worked very very hard to get it done and make it beautiful. We didn’t meet the church leader whose house we were painting, until we went to a worship service later that week. But there was a young lady at the house for both days…looking after their children and making sure we didn’t mess things up too badly. She didn’t speak a word of English and my Spanish would only direct you to the “Banyo”…or to order some food at a restaurant. Amaury, our contact introduced me to the young woman when we first met and told me her name was…”Bonita,” I’m pretty sure in the next two days I talked to her dozens of times…and called her by name. “How’s it look Bonita?” “Thank you for the kool aid and cookies, Bonita.” After the first day “Bonita” started following me around and smiling at me a lot…it was then that Amaury told me that her name wasn’t “Bonita.” He was cracking up because “Bonita” means “Beautiful or pretty.” So for the last two day this woman thought I was complementing her on her beauty or appearance. She thought I was coming on to her….AND SHE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

I guess there are a couple of insights from this experience…which my student minister and Amaury thought were hilarious….first, never trust a laughing missionary when they introduce you to a pretty young woman…two, people everywhere love to be complimented, three, you get more kool aid and cookies, if you come on to the woman of the house (even unintentionally!!!!!!) And four, the house was beautiful, because these young people, and their leaders served in a “bonita” way so God could be glorified….and on this cold January day, that warms my heart

His servant and yours,

Rick Burdette

One thought on “The “Beautiful ” House

  1. Lois Constant says:

    Great story Rick, thanks for sharing.

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