God’s Mosaic

Hey Everyone


My sister Barby loves jigsaw puzzles…she has always loved jigsaw puzzles.  She has passed that love of puzzles down to her daughter LeeAnn.  LeeAnn gives me a jigsaw puzzle every single Christmas.  I mean, not just some ordinary 100 piece, big lots cheapo puzzle, but 3 D puzzles, 5,000 piece Harley Davidson Motorcycle puzzles, Tower puzzles.  But there is a problem.  I hate jigsaw puzzles.  It might have something to do with patience and not being able to focus on one thing for that long….what was I talking about?  O yeah, I hate jigsaw puzzles.


I remember when I was about 8 or 9 years old and my sister, the perfect one, Barby (I only have one sister and she is pretty awesome).  But when I was 8 or 9 she was putting together a 5,000 piece giant panoramic jigsaw puzzle of London.  I think she always dreamed of going there, but when she got down to maybe 50 or so pieces left I wanted to help her finish.  She’d worked on this thing for days….weeks, by herself…and she said, “NO!  Get away from me and leave me alone while I finish!!!!!  And then she screamed, “Dad!!!!! Ricky’s bothering me!!!”  So I did the only thing any amazingly irritating 8 year old can do.  I picked up one of the remaining pieces from the giant, panoramic London puzzle and I ate it.  It sounds hilarious now, but I think I permanently traumatized my sister.  She and Dad bought another puzzle and spent days trying to put that missing piece in.  I use to think that God’s church was like a jigsaw puzzle and it wouldn’t be complete if your piece was missing.  But I think I was wrong.  Puzzle pieces are too clean and perfectly cut.Image  I think God’s Church is more like a Mosaic…where the Creator and Artist…who is one and the same…picks through the trash and finds all the broken shards of glass…. and then He puts it together to create a beautiful picture of His Son’s heart….only God can create something beautiful from the trash…like me…and like you…so the world can see His Son’s heart.


I wrote a Poem called Mosaic back in 2012…it’s one of my favorites and it’s fitting I share it with you now.

All the little bits
of broken shards of glass
Scattered in the ruble
thrown into the trash.
Selected by the artist
picked with the utmost care
Held within his gentle hand
washed and cleansed to share
Placed within the puzzle
some bright some very dark
The picture comes alive
with the creator’s spark
The Church is His Mosaic
filled with broken bits and parts
Put together for His purpose
it’s the picture of His Heart  
I hope I can share with you this amazingly God news….it’s not the broken glass that makes the picture beautiful….it’s the Artist.
Broken, but part of the picture
Rick Burdette

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