It takes a lifetime to learn about love

Hey All,


My wife Kari and I have known each other for about 35 years now.  We started dating when we were both teenagers…she was still in H.S. and I had just graduated when we met.  In fact I always tell folks I am a product of an arranged marriage.  My Brother-in-law David, my sister Barby and my Mother-in-law to be began to conspire and plan for Kari and I to meet long before it happened.  (I will be indebted to them all for the rest of my life).  


I met Kari for the first time in a Sunday School class where she was sitting up front and I was sitting in the back…after the class her parents tried to introduce us, but she was too embarrassed and I got a glimpse of her waving at me as she ran across the parking lot to the car.  I need to let you know that David was the minister at Kari’s church.  We saw each other a couple of times before I went back home to Kentucky, but never went on a date.  Our first, kinda date, was when we were at a pizza place with the entire youth group, and a girl named Rosemary looked at Kari and said, “How are you getting home tonight?”  It seemed that she was being a little sarcastic so I said…”I’ll take you home.”  We took the long way…talked a lot and then God put a train in our way.  Our first kiss…it took place at a train crossing just about a mile from her house.  To make a long story short Kari and I dated…and waited (yes that is what I mean) and both she and I wanted to honor God with our relationship.  I have a couple of priceless possessions.  My Dad’s first toy, my grandfather’s copy of “In His Steps,” inscribed by my Mom a month after I gave my life to Christ.  And a Bible…a little maroon bible that has “The King’s Couple…Rick and Kari.” embossed on the front.


When I stood in front of my brother-in law David, who not only introduced us, but married us….I didn’t think anyone could love or long for someone like I did for Kari.


I was wrong…and almost 33 years later, June 27th to be exact…I look back and wonder if I really loved that absolutely beautiful brown haired/brown eyed teenager who said “Yes,” when I asked her if “she’d be the grandmother of my grandchildren.”  Now she is….and through 33 years of heart attacks, teenage pregnancies, ministries, children’s divorces and sons away at war…she and I both are a lot more wrinkled and war torn…but infatuation and longing have become a love much stronger…held together with God’s glue…and she is more beautiful today than on that day I saw her running accross the parking lot.  It is my prayer that God will give you and bless you with a love like this…O yeah, by the way…I love her 18.9% more than she loves me.


A Part of “The King’s Couple.”


Rick BurdetteImage


3 thoughts on “It takes a lifetime to learn about love

  1. I just love you both to pieces..

  2. Lisa Hardin says:

    Oh Rick! I absolutely love this! It is apparent that you all were made for each other! I am happy to say that I too, have found the same kind of love you did! I still get butterflies when I think about seeing Steve after he has been at work all day. It has been 15 wonderful years of marriage and I anticipate many more with him! I waited a long time for someone who deserves me! LOL Not sure how I did it, but I got more than I ever dreamed of! God blessed us with each other and with 3 beautiful children who we are teaching to love and honor God too! Thanks for being so real and transparent for so many! Love to you all!

  3. Very beautiful words of love. Much love to you both.

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