Essentials of unity. The practices of healthy vision implementation

Hi All,

I’ve heard this expression often…”A Boss says, ‘GO’ but a Leader says, ‘LET’S GO!’  In other words…you cannot lead where you will not go and you cannot teach what you do not know and you cannot love if it’s just a show. (I made that last one up, but I like it)


In church we talk a great deal about Mission and Vision, but all too often we do not talk about how we will implement the mission or carry out the vision.  We come up with graphs and flow charts and organizational lists…but then confusion sets in because what is on paper doesn’t translate very well to implementation.  Our time, and our energies are spent on religious activities instead of Kingdom productivity.


Our mission at Gradenside Christian hasn’t changed since Jesus issued it over 2,000 years ago…”As you are going into all the world…make Disciples, It starts with a death, burial and resurrection as you are baptized into a unity with My Father, My Spirit and Myself…and then real disciples  must grow so, teach them to observe everything I have commanded (not just the stuff you like).  And you will have My power and authority to do this because I’ll be with you until I return to claim you.” (R.P.V.  Rick’s Paraphrased Version)…But our vision at Gardenside, or at least the one we publisize is “We are Passionately Preparing All People For An Eternity With Christ.”  That’s so broad and wide it needs to be funneled into something managable…so here’s what I’ve thought about after a month “of boots on the ground.”


1.  Every leader (whether titled or not) at GCC should be unified about our Mission and Vision

2.  When conversations take place and someone doesn’t like a change…small or big, express to them your desire for growth…theirs and the entire body. (Their growth requires handling something they don’t like in a Christ-like manner)

3.  We will deal with unheathy issues that hurt the body of Christ immediately and Spiritually

4.  We will trust those who have been called to lead with vision and support them publically and privately.

5.  The larger picture of becoming an outward reaching body overrides the preferences of a few.  Cliques are detrimental to spiritual health…especially power cliques.

6.  We will not use worldly methods to communicate or manipulate.

7.  We understand doing what is right is sometimes hard and will sometimes upset a few.  We will still do what’s right!

8.  We will love all people…we will ache for lost people….we will help people grow up and we will be growing as well.

Folks, I’m not a big list guy…but if we really start leading in healthy manners and stop biting and devouring one another…then the body of Christ will listen to it’s Head and can start flexing it’s muscles in a very very lost world.


Just my thoughts on Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rick Burdette, Sr. Minister 

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